BBC micro:bit Single Board Pocket Sized Computer

  • $16.95

The BBC micro:bit is a single board codable ARM-based computer. It has 1x BBC micro:bit and quick start guide in a single retail package, it is the ideal option for makers to get started creating BBC micro:bit projects and inventing solutions.

The BBC micro:bit is a handheld, programmable micro-computer that can be used for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments. Users can code it using any web browser in Blocks, Javascript, Python, Scratch and more, no software required, to customize and control to bring their digital ideas, games and apps to life. Measuring 4cm by 5cm (1.6in by 2.0in) and designed to be fun and easy to use. The BBC micro:bit is completely programmable. That means each of its LEDs can be individually programmed as can its buttons, inputs and outputs, accelerometer, magnetometer and Bluetooth smart technology (connect the micro:bit to other micro:bits, devices, phones, tablets, cameras and other everyday objects). It has 5x5 LED matrix with 25 red LEDs to light up and can display animated patterns, scrolling text and alphanumeric characters.

The front side of the BBC micro:bit board has the the 5x5 LED array that you can use as a light sensor, a tiny screen to draw on, display words, numbers and other information, and the two programmable buttons. On the back of the board are the brains of the micro:bit, a 16MHz, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller with 256KB Flash, 16KB RAM and a built-in temperature sensor, along with an accelerometer, compass and Bluetooth Smart antenna, and a microUSB and two-pin JST connector for different power options. At the bottom of the board are 20 gold-tabbed edge pins and five ring connectors (three for digital/analog I/O, two for power and ground) for hooking up external components. The tabs with larger holes can be easily used with alligator clips to prototype added components quickly.

Micro:bit has even supplied an intuitive mobile app that lets you send your code to your micro:bit over Bluetooth (without using a USB cable) and more. With this app you will be able to interact with your micro:bit on a higher level of accessibility.


  • 32bit ARM cortex-M0 CPU microprocessor
  • Users can create anything from games and animations to scrolling stories at school and home
  • Two programmable buttons for games controller or control music on a smart phone
  • On-board motion detector or 3-axis digital accelerometer that can detect movement
  • 20 pin edge connector (connects to devices such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Galileo and Kano)
  • Micro-USB controller (controlled by a separate processor, presents to computer as a memory stick)
  • Five ring I/O including power (PWR), ground (GRD) and 3 x I/O
  • System LED x 1 yellow, system push button switch x 1, system push button switch x 1
  • Five ring I/O including power (PWR), ground (GRD) and 3 x I/O

Package Includes

  • BBC micro:bit single-board computer
  • Quick Start Guide

Important:This micro:bit does not include any cables or power sources. This is just the board. For first-time users we recommend the BBC micro:bit Go Bundle that includes the micro:bit board, AA battery holder with batteries and a USB cable to power and communicate with your board.