3 in 1 Clip On Camera Lens Kit Fisheye + Wide Angle + Macro for Cell Phones

  • $2.89

This 3 in 1 camera lens set includes three small clip-on detachable lenses for mobile phones and tablets.

The Fisheye Lens creates an image with a 180 degree field of view (FOV). The Wide Angle lens is suitable for pictures requiring a large view range, such as groups of people, buildings and landscapes.

The macro lens takes picture of tiny objects with up to 10X magnification. The Digital Camera Lenses are attached with a plastic clip to your phone or tablet.

See example photos in the photo gallery. These are actual photos taken with this 3 in 1 lens kit on a Nexus 5 smartphone. They have not been retouched or altered in any way.

The lenses are available in black, silver and gold.


  • The lenses work on most type of mobile phones and tablets whose thickness is no more than 13mm
  • On some cameras, the flash will be blocked when the lens is in use
  • Material: Lenses are glass, lens bodies are anodized aluminum. Clip is black plastic
  • Colors: Black, Silver and Gold
  • Kit includes a microfiber carrying case and two lens caps
  • Phone Not Included

Compatible With:

  • The 3 in 1 lens set can be used with iPhones, HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, and most other smart phones whose thickness is no more than 13mm.
  • It can also be used on iPads, tablets and laptops as long as the thickness is no more than 13mm and the lens is not more than 20mm from the edge of the case.

Fisheye Lens Specifications:

  • Field of View: 175° - 180°
  • Magnification: 0.33X
  • Lens Construction: 3 Elements 3 Groups
  • Max Diameter: 25mm
  • Length: 15mm
Wide Angle Lens Specifications: 
  • Field of View: 130°
  • Magnification: 0.67X
  • Lens Construction : 2 Elements 2 Group
  • Max Diameter: 20mm
  • Length: 11mm

NOTE: The wide angle lens is used together with the macro lens. The two lenses are screwed together, and should be kept together while using the wide angle lens. To use the macro lens, unscrew and remove the wide angle lens. Note that the threads that screw the two lenses together are reverse threads, turn the lenses clockwise to unscrew.

Macro Lens Specifications:

  • Magnification : 10X
  • Min Object distance : 10-15mm
  • Lens Construction : 1 Element 1 Group
  • Max Diameter: 20mm
  • Length: 15mm

Package Includes:

  • 1x Clip
  • 1x Fisheye Lens
  • 1x Wide-angle Lens (see NOTE above, the wide angle and macro lenses are screwed together when shipped)
  • 1x Macro Lens
  • 2 x Lens Caps
  • 1 x Microfiber Bag
  • Installation and usage instructions

We like to be up-front and direct with our customers: You will see some distortion around the edges of the images taken with the wide angle and fisheye clip-on lenses. At this price point, you simply will not find a lens that is free of distortion. The macro lens is quite sharp, and it alone is worth the price of the kit.

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