USB 1A / 2A Load Resistor Current Discharge Test Module with Switch & LED Indicator

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This Battery / USB Power Supply Load Tester can be used to test or discharge USB power supplies, USB power banks and batteries. Ensure that your phone or USB power supply can generate its rated output current for the fastest charging time possible.

The tester is comprised of two switched high power load resistors that can be plugged into the USB connector of your USB power supply or battery power bank.

The switch on the load tester switches between a 1A load and a 2A load at 5V. The LED illuminates green when the power supply is delivering 1A, and red when it is delivery 2A. A steady LED indicates that the rated current has been reach, a flashing LED indicates the supply cannot deliver the rated power.


  • Rated Power: 5W @ 1A; 10W @ 2A
  • Technology: Ceramic Composition
  • Load Current: 1A or 2A, switchable
  • Load Resistance: 5 Ohm at 1A, 2.5 Ohm at 2A, switchable
  • Size: 72mm x 17mm (approx.)


  1. Set the load to 1A or 2A, and plug into the USB power supply or power bank. 
  2. If the LED illuminates steady state, the supply is delivering the rated power. A dim or flashing LED indicates the supply cannot deliver the rated power.

Caution: When in use, the discharge resistors can become very hot. Be careful not to touch the resistors, to not place them on a desk or workbench that can be burned or scorched, or to place them near flammable material.

Package includes:

  • 1x USB Load Tester Discharge Resistor
  • Operation and usage instructions

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