10W Blue 460-470nm High Power LED SMD Light Chips Bulb DIY

  • $1.29

This bright (100-150 Lumen) 10W Blue (460-470 Nanometer) High Power LED SMD Chip Array is suitable for illumination, beacons, strobes and DIY hobbyist projects.


  • Color: Blue
  • Color Temperature: 460-470NM
  • Forward Voltage (VF): 9-11VDC
  • Maximum Forward Current (IF): 900ma
  • Output Lumens: 100-120 Lumens
  • Chip Size: 24 x 40 MIL, 3 in series x 3 in parallel
  • Life span: >50,000 hours
  • Mounting holes: 2.5mm (M2.5 screws can be used)
  • Package Dimensions (approximate): 20mm x 20mm excluding electrical connection tabs, 20mm x 28mm including tabs

Package includes:

10W Blue LED Chip Array

All devices tested at IF=900mA, VF=10V in our US office and static bagged prior to shipment.

Get them faster! We ship in 1 business day from our US facility in Colorado for quick delivery.

NOTE: When operated in continuous mode, this LED requires a heatsink capable of dissipating 10W. Heatsink is not included.

This 10W LED can be driven with our LM2596 LED Driver CC/CV 3A Step-down Adjustable DC-DC Power Regulator Module.