Victor VC830L 3 1/2 Digital Multimeter 600 Volt AC DC Amp Ohm Electrical Test Meter

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The VC830L 3 1/12 digit multimeter is an economical, handheld general purpose meter for electrical and electronic testing and troubleshooting. It offers measurement of DC and AC voltage (volts), DC and AC current (Amps), resistance (Ohms) and a diode test.


Large LCD for easy readability

Does not power off during use

New type battery case design, easy to change battery

Color: Black and yellow

Material: Plastic and metal

DC Voltage Range (Resolution): 200mV (100uV) / 2V (1mV) / 20V (10mV) / 200V (100mV) / 600V (1V)

DC Voltage Accuracy (200mV - 200V): +/-0.5%+4

DC Voltage Accuracy (600V): +/-1.0%+5

AC Voltage Range (Resolution): 200V (100mV) / 600V (1V)

AC Voltage Accuracy: +/-1.2%+10

AC Frequency response: 40~400Hz

DC Current Range (Resolution): 20uA (0.01uA) / 200uA (0.1uA) / 2mA (1uA) / 20mA (10uA) / 200mA (100uA) / 10A (10mA)

DC Current Accuracy (20uA - 200mA): +/-1.5%+3

Resistance Range (Resolution): 200O (0.1O) / 2kO (1O) / 20kO (10O) / 200kO (100O) / 20MO (10kO)

Resistance Accuracy (200O): +/-0.8%+5

Resistance Accuracy (2kO - 200kO): +/-0.8%+3

Resistance Accuracy (20MO): +/-1.0%+15

Diode Test: Yes

Continuity buzzer: Yes

Function protection: Yes

Restorable Fuse protection: Yes

Shock proof protection: Yes

Input impedance: 10? O

Sampling rate: 3 times/s

Max. Display: 1999

LCD size: 57×43mm

Battery: 9V(6F22)

Product Dimension: 145×80×28mm

Weight: 180g


Package includes:

1 x VC830 Digital Multimeter

2 x Test Probes, one red, one black

9V Battery

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