12-24V AC or DC to 12V DC L7812 Voltage Rectifier Regulator Power Supply Module

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This L7812-based rectifier / regulator module uses a 3A full-wave bridge rectifier input so that either AC or DC voltage can be input, regardless of positive or negative polarity, and regulates it to 12VDC output.

The voltage is filtered with two 35V 220UF electrolytic capacitors, ensuring a stable and smooth output. The L7812 regulator is mounted on a large heat sink to provide high current continuous output.


  • 3A input rectifier bridge (AC or DC voltage can be input)
  • 2 * 35V 220UF high voltage filter capacitors
  • High-quality heatsink to enhance heat dissipation and allow continuous high-current operation
  • Uses a 1.5A high current L7812/LM7812 regulator


DIY power supplies, LED power supplies, power monitoring, experimental power supply, camera power, automotive power supply, communications equipment supply.


  • Input Voltage:
    • DC: 14 ~ 24V
    • AC: 12 ~ 18V
  • Output characteristics:
    • Output Voltage: 12VDC
    • Load regulation: 100mV
    • Quiescent Current: 8mA
    • Output noise voltage: 42uV
    • Input to Output Dropout Voltage: 2V maximum
    • Output impedance: 15mΩ
    • Peak current: 1.5A
  • Module size: 43mm * 20mm

This is a step-down regulator, therefore the input voltage must be at least ~2V greater than the output voltage.

Package Includes:

1X 12-24V AC/DC to 12V DC L7812 Voltage Rectifier Regulator Power Supply Module
Installation and operation instructions

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