Bore Snake Barrel Cleaner for 38 357 380 Caliber & 9mm Rifles & Pistols

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Made with a series of built-in brushes, combines all cleaning processes into one simple step.

Suitable for rifles and pistols.

Lightweight and compact, easy to use and to carry with you.

Solvent safe, washable and reusable hundreds of times.

Effectively cleans your bore in a single pass.

How to use a bore snake barrel cleaner:

Drop brass weighted cord through the bore
Pull slowly, being careful not to snag on edges or parts
Repeat as needed until the barrel is clean
The bore snake can be washed easily by hand, air dry


Package Includes:

1X (1 Piece) Bore Snake Cleaner for 38, 357, & 380 Caliber, 9 mm barrels