DC-DC 1.25-35V Out LM2596 Step-Down Buck Converter Power Supply Module

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Power this step-down power converter module with any voltage from 4V to 40V. The output is adjustable via the on-board potentiometer from 1.25V to 35V at up to 3A maximum current. 

This module is ideal for regulating 12V, 18V or 24V battery voltage down to the 12V, 9V, 5V or 3.3V levels required by many electronic circuits. For example, it could step a 12V car battery down to 5V for USB-powered devices such as cell phones or Arduino microcontrollers.


  • DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module LM2596 Power Supply
  • Input voltage range: 4V to 40V DC on + and - terminals
  • Output voltage range : Variable 1.25V to 30V at 3A maximum current, output terminals
  • Conversion efficiency: 73% typical at 12V 3A input, 3V output, 92% maximum
  • Switching frequency: 150KHz
  • Dimensions: 1.7" L x 0.81" W x 0.5" H (43mm x 21mm x 13mm) 
  • A PCB-mounted LED illuminates when voltage is applied to the module

Package includes:

  • 1x 1.25-35V Out LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter Step-Down Power Supply Module
  • Installation and operation instructions

Each module is individually tested and static bagged in our US office prior to shipment.

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