KA2284 5-LED Level Indicator Module for Voltage Level / Audio Power / Battery Capacity

  • $1.89

The KA2284 voltage / power / battery level indicator contains five LED lights that progressively light up as the voltage increases, from green to yellow to red. It is great for your projects that require voltage level indicators such as battery capacity and audio level indicators.

The onboard potentiometer adjusts the range (sensitivity) of the LED display, and either DC or AC input can be selected by jumper P2.

It operates with voltage ranges from 3.5 V to 12 V.


  • KA2284 5-LED level meter driver IC
  • Supply Voltage Range: 3.5 V to 12 V
  • Adjustable power level span via the potentiometer
  • AC and DC input can be controlled by jumper P2: Jumpered for DC, open for AC)
  • Dimensions: 29 x 21 mm

Package includes:

1X (1 Piece) KA2284 5-LED Level Indicator Module
Installation and operating instructions with module schematic


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