PHPoC Analog Input Expansion Board PES-2203

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These Expansion boards communicate with PHPoC Blue and Black IoT Development Boards through a smart expansion port to easily add I/O, device control and detecting and monitoring capabilities to your PHPoC IoT system.

The PES-2203 Analog Input Board is a board that provides connectors between the ADCs of PHPoC Blue and Black IoT Boards and external sensors/devices to measure the voltage and current values of the sensors/devices. Embedded with protection circuits, it is protected from external electric shocks.

PES-2203 Analog Input Expansion Board Specifications:

  •  3 analog input ports
  • Selectable input type(voltage or current)
  • Input voltage rage: 0 ~ 5V [DC]
  • Input current rage: 0 ~ 20 [mA]
  • 5mm pitch terminal block interface
  • Jumper for selecting ADC ports
  • External electric shocks protection
  • Current consumption: approximately 25 mA

Two different types of terminal blocks are available on the PES-2203 Expansion Board, based on the direction of the terminal screws. S-type terminal blocks can be screwed from the side, convenient when the boards are stacked. T-type is screwed from the top of the board. The wire termination blocks are on the side of the board in both models.   

Package Includes:

1x PES-2203 PHPoC Analog Input Expansion Board (S or T type connector specified with order)  

Delivery is stock to 2 weeks, if the item is out of stock, please contact us for availability. 


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