Teensy LC USB Microcontroller Development Board ARM MKL26Z64 Without Pins

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The Teensy is a breadboard-friendly development board with loads of features in a "teensy" package. The Teensy LC (Low Cost) is a 32-bit microcontroller board that provides you with an uncomplicated option for getting started with the Teensy line of products at a very low cost. 


  • Powerful 32-bit USB microcontroller development board
  • ARM Cortex-M0+ processor at 48 MHz, 62K flash, 8K RAM
  • Current output: 5mA + four 20mA
  • Can be programmed with the Arduino IDE
  • Ideal for inexpensive "Internet Of Things" projects

The Teensy LC comes pre-flashed with a bootloader so you can program it using the onboard USB connection - no external programmer needed. You can program it using your favorite program editor using C, or you can install the Teensyduino add-on for the Arduino IDE and write Arduino sketches for Teensy.

Teensy LC delivers an impressive collection of capabilities to make your electronic projects simpler. It features an ARM Cortex-M0+ processor at 48 MHz, 62K Flash, 8K RAM, 12-bit analog input & output, hardware Serial, SPI & I2C, USB, and a total of 27 I/O pins. See the technical specifications and pinouts for details. Teensy LC maintains the same form-factor as Teensy 3.1, with most pins offering similar peripheral features.

Real Hardware Serial

Most modern projects involve serial communication with sensors, other chips, other systems, or even the internet. Hardware serial ports greatly simplify projects and enable excellent performance. Teensy LC provides plenty of serial connectivity: 2 SPI ports, 2 I2C, and 3 Serial ports. All 3 serial ports are supported by high-quality drivers in Teensyduino, with both transmit and receive buffering, and even support for RS485 transmitter enable. Teensy LC is ideal for inexpensive "Internet Of Things" projects when paired with a ESP8266 Wifi module, which requires a fast hardware serial or SPI port.

Efficient USB Communication

Teensy LC has the same powerful USB hardware as Teensy 3.1. All USB data transfer is done directly to memory with minimal CPU overhead. Teensy-LC supports USB Serial, MIDI, Keyboard (international layouts), Mouse, Joystick, and RawHID protocols. A full set of 16 bidirectional USB endpoints are supported by the hardware, allowing any type of USB device. As more USB protocols are added to Teensyduino, despite its low cost, Teensy-LC will be up the task.

Hardware Timers

Many Arduino libraries require a hardware timer. Traditional Arduino products have 3 or 4 timers, with only 1 or 2 providing more than 8-bit resolution. Teensy LC has a total of 7 timers, all of them with 16 or more bits of resolution, to allow excellent compatibility with easy-to-use libraries. Many combinations of popular libraries, which would normally conflict, can seamlessly run together on Teensy LC and Teensy 3.1.

Analog Input & Output at 12 Bit Resolution

Analog signals are critically important to many projects. Teensy LC has 13 pins that can function as analog inputs. The effective analog resolution is 12 bits. It also has a true 12 bit digital to analog converter, for an analog output signal.

32 bit ARM Cortex M0+ Processor

The MKL26Z64 Cortex-M0+ processor is a powerful, full 32 bit CPU, designed for lower power, lower-cost devices. Cortex-M0+ has fewer instructions and a simpler bus structure than the more powerful Cortex-M4 on Teensy 3.1. For simple code, M0+ often runs at similar speed when running at the same clock frequency. For math-intensive applications, Cortex-M4 can be significantly faster, and of course, it supports higher clock rates. Cortex-M0+ at 48 MHz is much faster than 8-bit AVR processors at 16 MHz, especially when manipulating 16 and 32-bit variables!

5 Volt Buffer For WS2812/NeoPixel LED Projects

Teensy-LC provides a 5V output to directly drive WS2812/NeoPixel LEDs. A 74LV1T125 buffer is connected to pin 17, with the increased output voltage available on another pin.

Technical Specifications:

  • Processor: MKL26Z64 ARM Cortex-M0+ at 48 MHz
  • 62K Flash, 8K RAM, 128 bytes EEPROM (emulated)
  • USB device 12 Mbit/sec
  • 27 digital input/output pins, 10 PWM output pins
  • 13 analog input pins, 1 analog output pin, 11 capacitive sense pins
  • 3 serial, 1 SPI, 2 I2C ports
  • 4 simple DMA channels
  • Dimensions: 1.4 x 0.7" (~35 x 18 mm) All headers are on a breadboard-friendly 0.1" grid


    1. The Teensy LC does not come with a Micro-USB cable.
    2. If needed in your application, header pins can be purchased separately and soldered on yourself.


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