Thermoelectric Peltier Refrigeration Cooling System Cooler Kit with Fan for TEC1-12706

  • $12.00

This TEC cooling kit offers a DIY solution for a refrigeration unit using a 40mm TEC such as the TEC1-12706. 

The kit includes a large heatsink for the "hot" side of the TEC with a 4" 12V fan, a smaller heatsink for heat transfer from the "cooling" side of the TEC, and a spacer for installing the TEC between the two heatsinks. 

Package Includes:
2x Aluminum Heatsink (One small, one big)
1x 4" 12V fan
1x Screw Package
1x Fan Bracket
1x TEC spacer
1x Thermal compound

The kit does not include the TEC (Peltier element), it must be purchased separately.