Water Level Rain Liquid Moisture Sensor Detection Module Arduino Compatible

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This water sensor / rain drop / water level / Moisture detector is an easy-to-use, cost-effective high level/drop recognition sensor for water detection, which can be used in sensing rainfall, water level, and liquid leakage.

This sensor works by having a series of exposed traces connected to ground and interlaced between the sense traces. The sense traces have a high impedance pull-up resistor which pulls the sense trace values high until a drop of water shorts the sense trace(s) to the grounded trace. The output voltage of the sensor correlates to the resistance between the sense and ground traces, to determine the amount of liquid present, i.e. the lower the resistance between the traces, the higher the module's output voltage.

By connecting the water sensor module's sense (S) and ground (-) pins to analog inputs of your Arduino or other DIY microcontroller witht analog inputs, the sensor's output analog voltage values can be directly read with an Arduino development board or other microcontroller. The water droplet size or presence of liquid can be mapped to a given output voltage to trigger a water level or water presence alarm, or other indicators.

Water Sensor Specifications:

  • Arduino-compatible water level sensor
  • Operating voltage: 5V DC
  • Output voltage signal: 0 ~ 4.2V
  • Operating current: less than 20mA
  • Sensor Type: Analog
  • Detection Area: 40mm x16mm
  • Material: FR4 double-sided HASL
  • Dimensions: 62mm x 20mm x 8mm
  • Weight: 3g
  • Arduino compatible interface
  • Low power consumption
  • High sensitivity
  • Red LED on-board illuminates when voltage is applied

Pin definition:

"S" Analog signal output
"+" +5VDC power supply input
"-" Ground


  • Rainfall detection
  • Liquid leakage / broken pipe detection
  • Tank overflow detector

Package Includes:

  • 1 piece Rain Water Level Sensor Module Depth of Detection Liquid Surface Height For Arduino
  • Specifications and usage instructions

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