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Who can use PHPoC Internet of Things Boards?

Many smart IoT devices have been created such as the Nest Learning Thermostat, Philips Hue, Smart Watch, The Air Quality Egg, Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.

You may come up with a great IoT smart thing idea, however, you may be hesitant because of your limited programming and hardware knowledge, or because of development time and cost.

Here comes PHPoC! PHPoC (PHP on Chip) provides everything you need to build Internet-connected things in just a few steps. And everyone can benefit from PHPoC:

Everyone can use PHPoC IoT boards PHPoC is easy to learn and use. Regardless of hardware and programming knowledge level, everyone is able to use PHPoC IoT boards to make what they want quickly. Students can use PHPoC IoT boards PHPoC IoT boards help students and beginners, who do not have much knowledge of hardware and programming, take easy steps to learn embedded systems and create Internet-connected devices.
Teachers can use PHPoC IoT boards Teachers can use this board to teach students how to program and build IoT devices. With some simple lines of code, teachers can easily explain to students how the system works, inspiring students to make bigger things. IoT-makers and entrepreneurs can use PHPoC IoT boards When new idea comes up, IoT-makers or entrepreneurs can use PHPoC IoT board to quickly make a prototyping product. If shape and size of product are not critical, PHPoC IoT Board can be used along with custom enclosure to create manu-facturable product, minimizing time and cost. When shape and size are critical, PHPoC Module can be used instead for creating manufacturable products, without the need of re-writing source code.
IoT hobbyists and DIYers can use PHPoC IoT boards IoT hobbyists and DIYers can make the life more convenient in a simple and amusing way. With PHPoC IoT Board, they can control and monitor their home from anywhere. No matter whether you are in next room or in another country, you can do anything as if you are in your home. You can make your home as your imagination. Engineers can use PHPoC IoT boards Engineers can use PHPoC IoT board in combination with expansion boards to make smart things for smart cities or smart industry. You can control or monitor the factory from everywhere, when you are in field site or during a business trip. With PHPoC IoT Board, the whole factory can fit into your hand.


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