Radion Plasma Arc Electric Lighters

Radion Plasma Electric Rechargeable Lighters

Radion Lighters© by Envistia Mall offers plasma arc lighters, sometimes called Tesla coil lighters. Plasma lighters work by creating a super-hot plasma arc with one click of a button to ignite cigarettes, candles, cigars, pipes, BBQs and campfires instantly.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, these windproof, flameless, and electronic plasma arc lighters require no butane fuel or adjustments for altitude. 

To recharge the lighter, simply plug it into any USB port with the included MicroUSB cable. A blue indicator light turns on while charging and turns off when fully charged.

Most Radion Lighters are dual-arc or triple-arc lighters, rather than single-arc lighters, for the best performance and lighting efficiency available. 

Features and Benefits

Plasma arc Tesla coil electronic lighters by Radion LightersUSB Rechargeable Radion plasma arc electric lighters are rechargeable via any standard USB port (cord included). Simply plug it in. After 60-90 minutes, your lighter is fully charged and ready to go. Get over 100 lights on a full charge.

Windproof & Flameless Our lighter's dual plasma beams don’t blow out, which means Radion lighters work even in the windiest conditions.

Contain No Butane or Lighter Fluid Disposable lighters waste your money and harm the environment, while refillable lighters are messy and smelly. Radion plasma arc lighters are rechargeable, eco-friendly and easy to use - just push the button for instant lighting.

Versatile Radion plasma arc lighters are perfect for home and outdoor use. It's never been easier to light your candles, grills, campfires, incense and more with the push of a button.