4700UF High Frequency Low ESR 105C Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 10V-16V

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4700uF 10V and 16V Low Impedance 105°C Electrolytic Radial Capacitors.

These high-temperature, Low-ESR radial electrolytic capacitors are excellent for the repair of LCD monitors, televisions, computer motherboards, and power supplies. They're also popular in audio applications.

Packages of 5 or 10 Capacitors.


  • Capacitance: 4700uF
  • ESR: ±20%.
  • Voltage Rating: 10V or 16V
  • Temperature Rating: 105C
  • Diameter:
    • 10V Capacitor: 10mm (0.4 inches)
    • 16V Capacitor: 13.1mm (0.5 inches)
  • Body Height:
    • 10V Capacitor: 24mm (0.95 inches)
    • 16V Capacitor: 25mm (1.0 inches)
  • Lead Spacing: 4.5mm (0.18 inches)
  • Lead Type: Radial

Package Includes:
5 or 10 pieces, 10V or 16V aluminum electrolytic capacitors
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