10pcs 5MM 4pin Common Anode Diffused RGB Tri-Color Red Green Blue LED Diodes

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RGB LEDs are actually three LEDs, red, green, and blue, inside one package. Instead of 2 wires coming out, there are 4 wires coming out: The longest one is + Voltage (in these Common Anode diodes), and the 3 others correspond to red, green, and blue.

By varying the brightness of each LED, a single RGB LED can display the full spectrum of color. A specific color can be set through the choice of resistors in series with each color wire. By using the PWM outputs of an Arduino or other microcontroller, the brightness of each of the three LEDs can be controlled independently. A PWM value of 0.0 would be off and a 1.0 full on for each color LED. This allows a program to vary both the color and brightness level of the LED, providing dynamic control of the LED's output color and brightness.

These LEDs are in a diffused (foggy) package.

For the same LED in a clear package, see our 5mm 4-pin RGB Clear LED.


  • Tri-color: Red, Green, Blue
  • High reliability
  • Low forward voltage
  • Lead free
  • Common Anode (positive)
  • Can be color mixed with PWM output to create virtually any color
  • Lens Color: Diffused (foggy)
  • LED Size: T1-3/4 (5mm)

Specifications (@ 20mA):

  • Typical Forward Voltage: 
    • Red=2.25V
    • Green=3.5V
    • Blue=3.5V
  • Reverse Current: 100µA Max.
  • Dominant Wavelength: 
    • Red=630-640nm
    • Green=515-525nm
    • Blue=465-475nm
  • Viewing Angle: 120 degrees
  • Luminous Intensity: 
    • Red=1000-1200mcd
    • Green=3000-5000mcd
    • Blue=2000-3000mcd

Package Includes:
    10x (10 pieces) 5MM T1-3/4 4 pin Common Anode Diffused (foggy) RGB LEDs