10pcs 650nm 6mm 5V 5mW Red Laser Diode Module

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This red (650nm wavelength) laser diode module is easily powered by a 5V DC USB power supply or battery and can be used as a pointer, for illumination, and light therapy. Wires for the DC power are soldered to the 6mm brass laser diode housing. The module includes an internal 91-Ohm current limiting resistor, so no additional series resistor or current limiter is required. Simply connect 5V DC power to use! The Red lead is Positive (+), and the Blue or Black lead is negative (-). 

The lens is acrylic plastic and can vary somewhat in its ability to focus to a small spot. If necessary, the spot size can be focused by rotating the threaded brass lens holder in either direction.


Brass housing with acrylic lens
Spot mode: Dot, continuous output
Typical Spot Size: φ10 mm ~ φ15mm at 15 meters
Laser wavelength: 650nm (Red)
Light power: ~5mW
Supply Voltage: 5VDC maximum, typically will generate laser output at >3V
Power lead length: ~75mm
Laser Diode Shell (housing) Dimensions: 6mm x 13.5mm
Laser Diode Shell Material: Brass
Operating Current: <40mA
Operating temperature: -36C ~ 65C
Storage temperature: -36C ~ 65C
Weight (1 piece): ~1.4 Grams

Warning: Never look straight at any laser diode while it is operating, or point it at someone’s eyes, as eye damage is possible even with eye-safe lasers like this one.

Package Includes:

10x (10 pieces) 650nm 6mm 5V 5mW Red Dot Laser Diode Modules with Wire Leads