10X 400 Point Solderless Prototype PCB Breadboard Protoboards 10Pcs

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10 Pieces 400 Point Mini Solderless Prototype PCB Breadboard Protoboards

Specifications (Applies to each breadboard)

  • Solderless Breadboard with 400 Tie Points
  • 1 Double Terminal Strip, 300 tie-points (30 rows, 10 points per row)
  • 2 Power Distribution Strips, 100 tie-points (each strip has 25 rows, 2 points per row)
  • ABS plastic housing, metal contact clips
  • Suitable for 20-29 AWG wires
  • Size: 8.2cm x 5.5cm x 0.85cm (3.23inch x 2.2inch x 0.33inch)
  • Double-sided tape on the bottom. Can be fixed to a flat surface
  • Each board is individually packaged in a cardboard display box

Package Includes:

10x (10 pieces) 400 point mini solderless breadboards

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