120 Piece 12 Values 1uF to 470uF Electrolytic Capacitor Assortment Kit

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This 120-piece electrolytic capacitor assortment contains 10 pieces each of 12 popular values from 0.22uF to 470uF 20% tolerance.

Each value is individually bagged.

Values (10 Pieces of Each):

1uF 50V
2.2uF 50V
3.3uF 50V
4.7uF 50V
10uF 25V
22uF 25V
33uF 25V
47uF 25V
100uF 16V
220uF 16V
330uF 16V
470uF 16V

Package Includes:

1x 120-piece electrolytic capacitor assortment, 10 each of 12 values