200pcs 15 Values 0.1uF to 220uF 10V/16V/25V/50V Aluminum Radial Electrolytic Capacitor Kit

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This 200-piece radial electrolytic capacitor kit includes an assortment of 15 different values ranging from 0.1uF to 220uF in voltages of 10V, 16V, 25V, and 50V.

These high-quality aluminum electrolytic radial capacitors have a temperature range from -40C to +105C and a tolerance of ±20% offering stable and long service life.

The capacitor kit comes in a durable plastic storage case, which makes it easy to organize your capacitors and carry them anywhere, great for electronic repairs and the DIY hobbyist. 

This Electrolytic Capacitor Kit Includes:

0.1uF 50V 4x7mm -- 15Pcs
0.22uF 50V 5x11mm -- 15Pcs
0.47uF 50V 5x11mm -- 15Pcs
1uF 50V 5x11mm -- 15Pcs
2.2uF 50V 4x7mm -- 15Pcs
3.3uF 50V 4x5mm -- 15Pcs
4.7uF 50V 4x7mm -- 15Pcs
10uF 25V 4x7mm -- 15Pcs
22uF 25V 4x7mm -- 15Pcs
33uF 16V 4x7mm -- 15Pcs
47uF 16V 5x11mm -- 10Pcs
47uF 25V 5x11mm -- 10Pcs
100uF 16V 5x11mm -- 10Pcs
100uF 25V 5x11mm -- 10Pcs
220uF 10V 5x11mm -- 10Pcs
Plastic Case 6.75 x 3.9 x 0.9 inches (17.2 x 10 x 2.3 cm)