20mA LED Driver Constant Current Source CCR Power Supply - Packs of 1/2/5/10 Drivers

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The Envistia 20mA LED Driver Module is a simple, economical and robust LED power supply module that eliminates the problems of figuring out how to power your LEDs. Whether you are a DIYer new to LEDs, or simply want a robust and easy-to-use driver for your prototyping or LED projects, this driver module removes all the problems of varying drive voltages and current limiting resistors. Simply insert this driver into your circuit. When a voltage is applied it actively adjusts its own resistance to allow 20mA (+/- 2mA) to pass through. This makes it a perfect replacement for current-limiting resistors in LED circuits, and eliminates the need to calculate current-limiting resistor values or worry about a varying voltage source. It is perfect for automotive applications because it ensures that your LED is continuously powered with a regulated 20mA regardless of battery voltage spikes, sags and fluctuations.

The module operates with an input voltage of 2V to 45V. It requires ~2V overhead voltage to operate, therefore the minimum voltage is 2V + your LED voltage. For example, if you are driving a single LED with a forward voltage of 3V, the minimum voltage required is 5V (3V + 2V).

The LED driver module can be placed anywhere in the LED circuit, with the module's anode (the tail end of the arrow silkscreened onto the board) toward the +V power supply, and the module's cathode (arrow end) toward the ground/-V. The board has 0.032" solder holes which can accommodate wire down to 22AWG or standard 0.1" header pins. The pin-to-pin spacing is 0.4 inches, designed to fit standard proto board hole spacing.

The modules are provided on a scored circuit board that can easily be broken apart. Two 0.1" header pins are included with each module.

CCR LED Driver Module Specifications

  • Input Voltage (Vak): 2V to 45V
  • Recommended Maximum Input Voltage: 20V *
  • Voltage Overhead: 1.8V
  • Output Current: 20mA +/-2mA
  • Module Dimensions (Excluding Pins): 0.62" L x 0.22" W x 0.11" H (15.75mm x 5.6mm x 2.8mm)
  • Pin-to-pin spacing: 0.4" (10.16mm)
  • Operating & Storage Junction Temperature Range: -55C to +150C

Package Includes

1, 2, 5 or 10 driver modules, quantity chosen at checkout
2X (2 pieces) 0.1" headers pins per driver