5-35VDC or 5-22VAC to 1-34VDC LM317T Adjustable Step Down Linear Regulator Converter Power Supply Module

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This LM317T module converts an input DC voltage from 5V to 35V, or an AC input voltage from 5V to 22V, to 5V to 34V DC output voltage, continuously variable by means of the onboard multi-turn potentiometer.

It features a large 1000uF input filter capacitor for reduced output ripple, noise, and interference for highly stable and linear operation. The large heatsink offers high current operation at ambient temperatures up to 100C.

The module also features an input rectifier bridge facilitating AC as well as DC inputs.


  • Input voltage range - DC: 5V - 35V
  • Input voltage range - AC: 5V - 22V
  • Input and output connectors: Screw Terminals
  • A PCB-mounted LED illuminates when an input voltage is applied
  • Output voltage range: 1V - 34V * (continuously adjustable with onboard potentiometer)
  • Maximum continuous output current: 600mA when the difference between the input and output voltage is less than 10V;
    When the voltage difference is more than 10V, please ensure that the output current is <400mA
  • Operating temperature range: 0C to 100C, at higher ambient temperatures or higher output current, active cooling such as forced air may be required
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 25mm (28mm including heatsink) x 25mm / 2in x 1in x 1in (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 24 grams

* This is a step-down regulator, therefore the input voltage must be at least ~1V greater than the output voltage.

Package Includes:

1X 5-22V/5-35V AC/DC to 1-34V DC LM317T Voltage Rectifier Regulator Power Supply Module
Installation and operation instructions

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