5pcs 650nm 6mm 5V 5mW Red Laser Diode Module

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This red (650nm wavelength) laser diode module is easily powered by a 5V DC USB power supply or battery and can be used as a pointer, for illumination, and light therapy. Wires for the DC power are soldered to the 6mm brass laser diode housing. The module includes an internal 91-Ohm current limiting resistor, so no additional series resistor or current limiter is required. Simply connect 5V DC power to use!

The lens is acrylic plastic and can vary somewhat in its ability to focus to a small spot. If necessary, the spot size can be focused by rotating the threaded brass lens holder in either direction.


Brass housing with acrylic lens
Spot mode: Dot, continuous output
Typical Spot Size: φ10 mm ~ φ15mm at 15 meters
Laser wavelength: 650nm (Red)
Light power: ~5mW
Supply Voltage: 5VDC maximum, typically will generate laser output at >3V
Power lead length: ~75mm
Laser Diode Shell (housing) Dimensions: 6mm x 13.5mm
Laser Diode Shell Material: Brass
Operating Current: <40mA
Operating temperature: -36C ~ 65C
Storage temperature: -36C ~ 65C
Weight (1 piece): ~1.4 Grams
Warning: Never look straight at any laser diode while it is operating, or point it at someone’s eyes, as eye damage is possible even with eye-safe lasers like this one.

Package Includes:

5x (5 pieces) 650nm 6mm 5V 5mW Red Dot Laser Diode Modules with Wire Leads