100 Piece Switching / Fast Recovery / Schottky Diode Assortment 1N5399 1N5408 1N4148 1N4007 1N5819 1N5822 FR107 FR207

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This 100 piece rectifier / fast recovery / Schottky / switching diode assortment kit includes eight switching diode types of various voltages and currents, convenient for electronic DIY and equipment and electrical appliance repairs.

This diode assortment kit includes:

  • 25 Pieces 1N4148 100V 500mA silicon switching signal diode
  • 25 Pieces 1N4007 1000V 1A silicon rectifier diode
  • 10 Pieces 1N5819 40V 1A Schottky diode
  • 10 Pieces 1N5399 1000V 1.5A silicon rectifier diode
  • 10 Pieces FR107 1000V 1A fast recovery diode
  • 10 Pieces FR207 1000V 2A fast recovery diode
  • 5 Pieces 1N5408 1000V 3A standard recovery diode
  • 5 Pieces 1N5822 40V 3A Schottky diode