9V Battery Clip Connector Converter Center Negative Cable 2.1x5.5mm for Guitar Effect Pedals

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No need to rely on a plug power to power your guitar effect pedal. Unlike most 9V battery clips with a center-positive connector, this cable converts the output so the center conductor is negative and the outer shield is positive. It is designed specifically for micro guitar pedals with 2.1mm x 5.5mm plugs with a negative center. Just connect a 9V transistor battery!

You can use a separate battery for each guitar effects pedal, perfect to ensure stable power to your guitar pedal, or if your board has more pedals than the outputs on your power brick. The purest electric current can be obtained by using a battery, reducing pedal electrical noise to a minimum.

Outdoor performances without a plug power? No problem! Our 9V battery power cable is your best choice. Just get a 9V battery in any store, and with this power cord, let the music play! 

Guitar Effects Pedal Battery Converter Cable Features & Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic + copper wire
  • Type: 9V battery converting power cable
  • Plug: DC 5.5mm*2.1mm
  • Voltage range: 3V-36V, nominally 9V
  • Cable Length: 11 cm / 4.4 inches
  • Total length (including connectors): 17.8cm / 7 inches

Package Includes:

9v Battery Clip Converter Cable