Industrial Serial RS422/RS485 Ethernet Network Device Server ezTCP CSE-H55N2

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The ezTCP CSE-H55N2 from Sollae Systems is an industrial RS422/RS485 to Ethernet converter designed to be more stable against noise and electrical damage. It supports IPv6 addressing architecture as well as IPv4 and comes equipped with a terminal block for RS422 and RS485 interfaces.

The basic concept of this converter is to quickly and easily adding networking capabilities to your serial equipment to help you remotely control and monitor your serial equipment from anywhere in the world. The CSE-H55N2 features industrial operating temperature range (-40℃ ~ +85℃), various communication functions such as DNS, DDNS, and strong security functions (SSL, MAC/IP filtering, etc).

As well as industrial environments, the CSE-H55N2 is ideal for serial RS-422 / RS-485 to Ethernet control of diverse applications such as Solar Energy Management Systems, Converting RS422/RS485 Systems to TCP/IP Networks, and Remote Controlling Pan Tilt Cameras, etc.


  • Industrial temperature range (-40℃ ~ +85℃)
  • Overvoltage, Reverse voltage, Overcurrent protection circuit
  • Hardware design to improve stability against noise and electrical damage
  • IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Separator settings for packet fragmentation
  • Virtual COM port (ezVSP) provided
  • Serial tunneling


  • Serial Physical Interface
    • Serial Interface: RS422/RS485
      TX+, TX-, RX+, RX-, GND with embedded 3.9K biasing resistors and TVS
      TRX+, TRX-, GND with embedded 3.9K biasing resistors and TVS
    • Connector: 3.5mm Pitch Terminal Block
  • Serial Port Property
    • Baudrate: 300bps ~ 230,400bps
    • Data Bits: 8 bits, 7 bits with Parity
    • Parity: None, Even, Odd, Mark, Space
    • Stop Bit: 1, 1.5, 2
  • Network Interface
    • 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet (RJ45)
    • Ethernet Speed Auto Sense
    • 1:1 or Cross-over Cable Auto Sense
  • Software Functions
    • Protocols
      • IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, ICMPv6/TCPv6/UDPv6
        DHCP, PPPoE, DNS, DDNS
    • Security
      • SSL(Secure Socket Layer)
      • IP & MAC Filtering - Restrict Host or Network
      • Password for Configuring
    • Communication Mode
      • TCP Server (T2S)
      • TCP Client (COD)
      • TCP Server/Client with AT Command (ATC) - Patent
      • UDP Mode (U2S)
    • Additional Functions
      • Separator settings for packet fragmentation
      • TCP Server/Client Mode
      • Sending MAC address Option
  • Indicators (LEDs)
    • Power: Red
    • Status: Yellow
    • Ethernet Link: Green
    • Ethernet RXD: Yellow
    • Ethernet TXD: Green
    • Serial RXD: Yellow
    • Serial TXD: Green
  • Management:
    • ezManager: Configuration and Monitoring through Network and Serial
    • TELNET: TELNET Login
    • AT Command: Configuring in ATC Mode - Patent
  • Supplementary Software
    • ezManager: Configuration Tool for Windows through Network and serial
    • ezVSP: Serial to Network Virtual Driver for Windows
    • ezTerm: Simple TCP/IP Communication Test Tool
  • Dimensions
    • Size 94mm x 57mm x 24mm
  • Operating Environments
    • Input Voltage: DC 5±0.5V
    • Protection: Over Current Protection / Reverse Voltage Protection
    • Current Consumption: 190mA Typical
    • Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃
    • Storage Temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃
  • Certifications
    • KC: Registration(KN 22, KN 24)
    • CE: EMC 2014/30/EU, RoHS 2011/65/EU
    • FCC: FCC Part 15 Subpart B, Class A

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1X CSE-H55N2 Industrial RS422/RS485 Ethernet Device Server

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