D3806 10-40VDC In 0-38VDC Out Step Up / Step Down Boost/Buck CC/CV Power Converter Module w Meter

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The D3806 DC-DC Digital Control Boost and Buck Module is a step up and step down constant voltage and constant current (CC/CV) converter module with digital control and digital display showing Voltage, Current, Power and Cumulative Amp-hours.

It converts any input voltage from 10V to 40V to any output voltage from 1V to 38V at up to 6A current with both constant voltage (CV) and Constant Current (CC) control, making it well suited as a voltage controller for smaller wind generators and solar panel arrays where a fixed output voltage is required yet the input voltage can vary widely. With its digitally-programmed voltage and current control, it can charge a battery bank without fear of over-voltage or over-current which could harm the batteries or reduce their lifetime.

Controlled by a high speed micro controller, the voltage and current settings can be set via the 4-digit LED display with an accuracy of 0.01V and 0.001A. It has 10 non-volatile memory storage locations which can store and retrieves your preset parameters at any time. When operating, the LED display provides real-time voltage, current, power, and capacity (cumulative Amp-hours).


  1. Digital display, convenient and easy to use
  2. Constant voltage and constant current control
  3. OUT, CV and CC indicator LEDs
  4. Adjust output voltage and current value with 0.01V and 0.001A accuracy
  5. Automatic/manual switch voltage, current, power, capacity and other parameters display
  6. Can be set to automatically enable the output when power is applied, or require a button press to enable. 
  7. Default display can be set to Voltage and Current only, or yo display Voltage, Ccurrent, Power and Capacity (cumulative Amp-hours)
  8. 10 non-voltage memory storage locations, can be saved and loaded to store preset operating parameters
  9. The 2-pin connector is a ~12V output that can be used to power a cooling fan


  • Input voltage:10V ~ 40V
  • Input current: 0A ~ 8A
  • Output voltage: 0V ~ 38V
  • Output current: 0A ~ 6A
  • Voltage regulation/display resolution: 0.01 V
  • Current regulation/display resolution: 0.001A
  • Display resolution of power: 0.001 W
  • Display resolution of capacity: 0.001AH
  • Conversion efficiency: Up to 85%
  • Output ripple: ≦50 mV
  • Working temperature: - 40℃ ~ + 85 ℃
  • Switching frequency: 150 KHz
  • Short circuit protection: Constant current
  • Input reverse connect protection: No, if necessary please install diode
  • Connection mode: Screw terminals, input also includes a 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel jack
  • Size: 100 x 82 x 32mm (3.9 x 3.2 x 1.3 inches) (including height of heatsinks and standoffs)
  • Weight: 126 g


00.00 (two digits to the right of the decimal point): Voltage value, 00.00 ~ 38.00 V
0.000 (three digits to the right of the decimal point): Current value, 0.000 ~ 6.000A
P. 000, P0.00, P00.0, P000. : Power value in Watts, the position of the decimal point changes with the power. For example: P.123 is 0.123 W, P1.23 is 1.23 W, P12.3 is 12.3 W, P102 is 102 W
C.000, C0.00, C00.0 and C000. : Capacity (cumulative Amp-hours) value, unit AH, the position of the decimal point as the volume change the position. For example: C.123 is 0.123AH ... C123. is 123AH
SA. - * (*:0 ~ 9): Save the parameters to the memory storage locations 0 - 9
Lo. - * (* :0 ~ 9): Loads the parameters from storage locations 0 - 9
----: Saves the voltage and current value

Three special functions -0- through -2- provide the ability to set the following defaults:
-0- When set to "Y", the output is automatically enabled when input power is applied, "N" = The output is enabled by the OK button.
-1- — "Y" = Display Volts (V), Amps (A), Power (P) and Cumulative Amp-hours (C), "N" = Display Volts (V) and Amps (A) only
-2- — "Y" = Display automatically cycles through the parameters, "N" = Don’t cycle by default, manually chose the parameter to display with the up and down buttons.

As with any power converter, the output power and current are limited by the available input power x the module's efficiency. For example, if the input is 12V at 6A, the output power available is 12 x 6 x 85% = ~61W. If you need 20V output, the current will be limited to 61W / 20V = ~3A. The maximum 8A input and 6A output must not be exceeded.

Package includes:

1x D3806 10-40V DC In, 0-38V DC Out Step Up / Step Down Boost/Buck CC/CV Power Converter Module
Link to online installation and operation instructions