Hand auger wrench manual hole drill for settlers, survival & camping

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This scotch-eyed settlers' tool wrench and hand auger is an outdoors survival hand-operated portable multitool for survivalists, homesteaders, bush crafters, hikers and campers. This wood auger is designed to drill holes in tree stumps, logs, and branches as well as making the end of a peg to fit the hole. You can build anything from camping tools, to traps, to outdoor primitive shelters - even a settlers' cabin with furniture, all with one lightweight and easy to carry bush craft multipurpose woodworking tool.

This hand tool auger and plug maker is made from quality High Carbon Steel, it features a small self-tapping tip with a 1" diameter, 2 1/8" drill with up to 5" of drilling depth. Additionally, the scotch-eyed hand wood drill comes with a sharpened end to craft a wooden peg and the other end is thick to withstand striking with tree branches and mallets.

  • Survival Tool: This Hand Auger survival tool might be one of the most useful pieces of survival gear and equipment you own. Making an emergency shelter or lean-to is a breeze with our multipurpose auger wrench.
  • Scotch Eye Wood Auger Hand Drill: First create a hole by turning the 1-inch wood auger drill bit where you want the hole. Use a stick through the eye for leverage.
  • Peg Maker: Another feature of this survival multitool is the peg tool. The scotch-eyed auger has a round cutting point to create pegs. Hammer into a branch or log for a 1-inch plug the same size as the hole created with the wood auger bit.
  • Ultimate Survival Tool: This hand auger might be the most important piece of survival gear and equipment you own. Keep it in your backpack as your ultimate bush craft survival tool. Comes complete with a faux leather sheath and safety sleeve to use when hammering with the wrench.
  • Multipurpose: Recommended for soft wood and green wood projects such as survival shelters, hunting cabins, fish traps, chairs, ladders, and maple syrup taps.

Included in the package are:

1 - Multipurpose settlers hand wood auger and peg drill
1 - Faux leather case for easy transport and storage
1 - Safety sleeve to use when hammering with the wrench
1 - Carabiner