Laser Alignment Kit With 6mm Red Dot Laser for K40 CNC Laser Machines

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This laser alignment kit provides a bright red dot on the work surface of a K40 CNC Laser Machine to provide quick and easy placement of your material in the machine, and to quickly and precisely repeat the placement of the material at the same place every time. 

Unlike other laser alignment pointers, ours provides 360-degree laser movement, providing pin-point alignment accuracy. This kit includes a 6mm 30mA red laser. The kit includes a mount for a 10mm laser (laser not included).

The 3D-printed laser pointer holder is designed to be mounted on the cross tube of a K40 CNC Laser. However, it can be mounted on any tube with a diameter of 0.8 inches to 1 inch (20mm to 25mm), offering uses in other applications such as silkscreening, to allow the operator to repeatedly place the material in the same location at the start of the process. 

This laser alignment kit includes: 

  • 1X Laser Holder/Mount
  • 2X sleeves to allow mounting on tubes from 0.8" to 1"
  • 1X Ball mount for 6mm laser
  • 1X Ball mount for 10mm laser
  • 1X 6mm 20mA red laser (requires +5VDC power)