Magnetic Keychain Quick Disconnect with Carabiner

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Access your keys quickly, conveniently, and easily without having to dig using this key ring with a magnetic quick disconnect. You’ll save time and make life a little simpler by always knowing where your keys are located and being able to access them in an instant.

Easily attach accessories such as a mini flashlight, USB stick, bottle opener, and more on one side of the keychain, and your keys on the other. Then quickly remove your accessory with a quick pull on the magnetic disconnect while leaving your keys attached to your purse, belt loop, or in your car's ignition.

The magic is in the durable detachable magnet that gives your keychain a safe and secure attachment using the included, high-quality aluminum carabiner. Then keep your house keys, work keys, car keys, FOB remotes, and accessories on the other side of the key ring where they can be readily removed.

The reliable N35 Neodymium magnet provides a minimum of 3 lbs of pull force so you don't have to worry about your breakaway keys falling off.


GREAT FOR BADGES AND KEYS: Includes a quality carabiner to attach the keychain to a belt, purse, or bag. Quickly remove your badges or keys using this keychain's magnetic quick disconnect.

EASY ACCESS TO YOUR KEYS: No more digging in your pockets or purse to search for your keys! The detachable magnetic keychain dock makes finding your keys quick and easy - saving you time and frustration!

QUICK ACCESS AND VISIBILITY: Use this quick-disconnect key ring to carry your company badge or ID card. Can quickly be removed for scanning or inspection, and with the convenient carabiner, it can be worn on a belt, purse, or jacket.

QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: Attach one loop to your bag, purse, belt, or backpack and attach the other loop to your keys or ID badge like a standard keyring - then connect the two magnets to meet in the middle, providing an effective quick release keychain!

STRONG N35 NEODYMIUM KEYCHAIN MAGNETS: Able to pull up to 2 lbs of weight to ensure that your keys stay securely attached until you give them a gentle pull to release!

Instructions for Use:

  1. Attach one key loop to your bag, backpack, purse, or belt loop
  2. Attach the other key loop to your car keys, house keys, or car FOB
  3. Allow the magnets to attract and attach. Gently tug on your keys when you need them, and attach the magnets when you don’t. It’s that easy!