Multi-Function Prototyping / Expansion Shield For Arduino UNO LEONARDO MEGA2560

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This Arduino UNO R3, Leonardo and MEGA2560 compatible multi-function prototype experiment shield has a large range of features which makes it ideal for beginners who just want to experiment and learn, or as a general purpose prototyping and development shield for more advanced uses.

Besides the range of components fitted to the shield, there are also numerous expansion headers providing convenient interfaces for external modules and components. The shield includes headers for easy connection to your Arduino micro-controller board.

Arduino Multi Function Prototyping Shield Features:

  • Seamlessly connects with Arduino UNO R3, LEONARDO and MEGA2560 controllers.
  • Four digit 7-segment LED display module driven by two serial 74HC595's
  • 4x surface mount LED's in a parallel configuration, convenient for debugging
  • #3296 10K analog adjustable precision potentiometer (can be used for controlling LED brightness, turn the steering angle, voltage adjustment, etc.)
  • 3x Independent push buttons for convenient control of external devices
  • Integrated Piezo buzzer
  • DS18B20 one-wire digital temperature sensor interface (DS18B20 temperature sensor is not included)
  • LM35 integrated circuit temperature sensor interface (LM35 temperature sensor is not included)
  • Infrared receiver interface
  • Servo Interface
  • Serial interface header for convenient connection to serial modules such as an APC220 radio communication module, Bluetooth, voice module, voice recognition module, etc.

Package Includes:

  • 1X Arduino Compatible Multi-Function Prototyping Shield (as pictured, does not include external sensors)
  • Documentation, including pinout schematic and links to sample projects

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