NodeMCU ESP8266 Base I/O Expansion Testing Development Breadboard Node MCU V3

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This is an expansion board designed to work with the LOLIN NodeMCU Development Board ESP8266. Powered by 6V to 24V DC input, it provides the support power to operate the NodeMCU ESP8266 V3 development board, and provides easy connection to all of its input and output pins to help you connect your NodeMCU board to other devices.

Package Includes:

1 piece NodeMcu Base ESP8266 DIY Testing Expansion Breadboard for NodeMCU V3

The NodeMCU ESP8266 Development Board is purchased separately and is not included. It is shown in the photo for illustrative purposes only. The NodeMCU ESP8266 Development Board can be purchased here.

Streamline your NodeMCU testing and development and save money. Purchase our NodeMCU V3 I/O Development Kit here, which includes the NodeMCU V3 development board and this Expansion Breadboard in one package, at a discount over purchasing them individually.

Please note that it has a pin spacing of 28MM between the rows. It is compatible with the LOLIN NodeMCU, not the DOIT device.