NodeMcu V3 LUA WeMos Compatible 32Mb (4MB) Flash 340G ESP8266 IoT Development Module

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This WeMos-compatible NodeMCU IoT development board is based on the ESP8266 system chip from expressif, upgraded with 32Mbit (4MB) of flash memory.

It is compatible with Lua-based ESP8266 NodeMCU boards. The additional memory this unit has allows for bigger projects with more complicated and large libraries.

It features a CH340G onboard USB-TTL Serial converter and a Micro-USB female connector. It comes with two sets of 15 pins headers to give you the freedom of choosing whether to use the connectors or to solder directly onto the pin holes for a more compact approach.


  • Capable of WIFI networking (IOT): Access-Point, station or Web Server etc.
  • Uses simple LUA based programming language
  • Supports the Arduino IDE
  • Event-driven API for network applications
  • 9 GPIO pins D0 – D8 featuring PWM functionality, I2C and SPI communications
  • Input Operating Voltage: 5 – 9 VDC
  • Dimensions: 49 x 26 x 4 mm ( L x W x H) (without the headers)

Package Includes:

1x 32Mb (4MB) NodeMcu LUA ESP8266 CH340G WIFI Internet Development Board
Link to online installation and operating instructions