PAM8403 5W+5W Stereo Bluetooth + MP3 Audio Receiver Amplifier 18650 Charger Module

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Our powerful 5W+5W Class D Stereo Audio Receiver and Amplifier module is designed to play music from a Bluetooth input, MP3 files stored on an SD card player (U Disk), or a USB drive. The stereo receiver module is equipped with the PAM8403 audio amplifier IC, offering superior sound quality. It supports a Bluetooth transmission distance of up to 60 feet (20M), providing seamless connection within this range.

This Class D stereo amplifier requires an 18650 battery to operate, a power source known for its longevity and performance. The battery can be charged using the 5V MicroUSB input, making it a practical choice for regular usage.

The stereo Bluetooth amplifier ensures a robust audio experience with its 2-channel system and a maximum power output of 5W + 5W. The stereo receiver module is not only a powerful player but also an effective charger for your 18650 battery. Whether you're using it as an MP3 player or a USB MP3 player, this device guarantees an enjoyable audio experience. Its compact size and 18650 battery power with an integrated charger make this module a perfect solution for building your own boombox, or portable audio player.

PAM8403 Bluetooth Receiver Specifications:

  • Audio amplifier IC: PAM8403
  • Bluetooth transmission distance: ≤20M (unobstructed)
  • Power: 18650 Lithium-Ion battery
  • Power supply voltage (to charge the battery): 5V (MicroUSB input)
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Maximum power: 5W + 5W
  • Size: 99mm * 64mm * 24mm (3.9 x 2.5 x 1 inch (approx.))
  • Weight: 42g (1.5 ounces)

Instructions for use:

  1. Install 18650 battery first, note the positive and negative polarity markings on the battery holders.
  2. Two wires are connected to each audio speaker, red is positive, and black is negative.
  3. To play audio files from an SD card or USB drive, insert the SD card in the SD card slot or a U disk in the USB interface. Turn on the switch, it will automatically read your SD card or U disk and start playing songs. If the SD card and U disk are installed at the same time, it will read the SD card file and play it by default. ( If you want to play U disk songs, you can press ① playlist switch key)
  4. To play a Bluetooth input, remove the SD card or U Disk and turn the switch on. Pair the device to your cell phone, audio player or other Bluetooth audio devices. This module has a Bluetooth name of "HW-BT".
  5. The Mode button is the playlist switching button, you can choose to play songs in the SD card or U disk. However, the Bluetooth connection list cannot be switched. To play from the Bluetooth input, the SD card and U disk must be removed.
  6. The Play button pauses the playback. Press once to pause and then press to play.
  7. The Next/V+ button will play the next track or decrease the volume. A short press will play the next song, and a long press will decrease increase the volume.
  8. The Prev/V- button will play the previous track or increase the volume. A short press will play the previous song, and a long press will increase the volume.
  9. Connect the MicroUSB connector to a 5V USB power supply to charge the 18650 battery. The red Charging LED will illuminate while the battery is charging and the Green Full LED will illuminate when the battery is fully charged.  

Package includes:

  • 1x PAM8403 5W+5W Bluetooth Receiver Amplifier Module for 18650 Battery
  • 2x speaker jumper wires, approximately 15cm (6 inches) long
  • Link to online installation and operating instructions