PC817 4-Channel 3.6V-30V Optocoupler Isolation Board Voltage Converter Module

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This 4-channel PC817 optocoupler isolation module is used to convert input signals from one voltage level to an output of another voltage level.

The module will operate with input voltages in the range of 3.6V to 24V, and output voltages in the range of 3.6V to 30V, accommodating a wide range of voltages and applications. For example, you can monitor a 24V industrial or security sensor with a 5V (Arduino) or 3.3V-compatible device (ESP32, Raspberry Pi GPIO). It is ideal for use in noisy circuits where signal lines require electrical isolation.

The four channels are fully isolated from each other, so each module can handle four different input voltage signals and four different output voltage signals. The conversion for each channel is performed by a PC817 optocoupler. Each channel includes a jumper. If the jumper is installed, the ground (GND) connections of the input and output signals are connected. If you need fully isolated input and output signals, remove the jumper. The board has an LED for each channel. If the LED is on, the input signal is on.

If the input signal is off, the output signal is high. When the input signal turns on, triggering the optocoupler, the output signal goes low.     


  • Input voltage 3.6V to 24V
  • Output voltage 3.6V to 30V
  • Maximum Output (Emitter) Current: 50mA *
  • Maximum Frequency: 4KHz
  • Rise and Fall Times: 18us
  • Channels: 4
    All channels are independent and can be used with different input and output voltages simultaneously
  • Input Pins:
    • IN1 ... IN4: +3.6V to 30 V
    • G: Ground
  • Output Pins:
    • V1 ... V4: Phototransistor collector pins
    • G: Phototransistor emitter pins

* NOTE: Optocouplers have a low output current. The maximum output current of the PC817 is 50 mA. As a result, you cannot connect high-current components (such as motors, etc.) to the optocoupler output directly. You must use a transistor to supply the current of the output draws more than 50mA. 

Package Includes: 

1X (1 Piece) 4-Channel PC817 Optocoupler Isolation Module