PES-2606 Smart RS232 Board for PHPoC Arduino Shield 2

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The PHPoC PES-2606 RS232 Board is a Smart Expansion Board for PHPoC P4S-347 or P4S-348 V2 Arduino Shields designed to quickly enable as well as easily expand the capacity of RS232 communication function on Arduino Uno and Mega microcontrollers.

After stacking on a PHPoC P4S-347 or P4S-348 V2 Shield with an Arduino Uno or Mega, this Smart RS232 Board contains the necessary hardware and firmware to communicate with RS232 devices. A single Arduino Uno/Mega can carry multiple Smart RS232 Boards.

PHPoC Smart Expansion Boards for ArduinoSmart Expansion boards for PHPoC P4S-347 or P4S-348 V2 Shields provide the additional hardware and firmware to boost Arduino Uno and Mega microcontrollers with advanced capabilities (e.g. control high-voltage devices, control/monitor motors with high accuracy).

They communicate with Arduino Uno/Mega via a defined set of commands and need to be stacked above a PHPoC [WiFi] Shield 2 (P4S-347 V2 or P4S-348 V2), firmware version of 1.4.0 or above, in order to interface with Arduino.


  • 9 Pin D-sub Male Interface for RS232
  • RS232 Baud-rate: 1200bps ~ 115200bps
  • DIP Switch to Set Address (ID)
  • Flow Control: RTS/CTS, Xon/Xoff
  • Inter Frame Delimiter Function
  • Inter Frame Gap Function
  • Transmission Delay Option
  • Sending Break Signal Ability

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