PHPoC 4-Port Relay Expansion Board PES-2401N for PHPoC Blue and Black Development Boards

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These PHPoC Expansion boards communicate with PHPoC Blue and Black IoT Development Boards through a smart expansion port to easily add I/O, device control and detecting and monitoring capabilities to your PHPoC IoT system.

This 4-port Relay Board is a PHPoC smart expansion board that can be used to turn on/off up to 4 devices through its onboard 30V 2A relays.

Two different types of terminal blocks are available, based on the direction of the terminal screws. S-type can be screwed from the side, convenient when the boards are stacked. T-type is screwed from the top of the board. The wire termination blocks are on the side of the board in both models. 

Package Includes:

1x PES-2401N PHPoC 4-Port Relay Expansion Board (S or T type connector specified with order) 

Delivery is stock to 2 weeks, if the item is out of stock, please contact us for availability. 


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