PHPoC PWM and Sensor Expansion Board PES-2003

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These PHPoC Expansion boards communicate with PHPoC Blue and Black IoT Development Boards through a smart expansion port to easily add I/O, device control and detecting and monitoring capabilities to your PHPoC IoT system.

The PWM and Sensor Expansion Board provides 3-pin interfaces, allowing easy connection of motors, sensors or I/O devices to PHPoC Blue or Black IoT Development Boards. This board gives the option to switch to external power sources in applications that require a lot of power such as multiple high-weight servo motors. 


  • 4 hardware timer interfaces
  • 6 ADC interfaces
  • 21 I/O interfaces
  • Two optional terminal blocks for external power (max. input of 10V)

Package Includes:

1x PES-2003 PWM and Sensor Expansion Board



PHPoC PWM and Sensor Expansion Board Introduction