PHPoC RS422/RS485 Expansion Board PES-2202

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These Expansion boards communicate with PHPoC Blue and Black IoT Development Boards through a smart expansion port to easily add I/O, device control and detecting and monitoring capabilities to your PHPoC IoT system.

These RS422/RS485 Boards are PHPoC expansion boards for RS422 or RS485 communications. The communication port is a 5mm pitch 1x6 terminal block and it is equipped with 3.9k biasing resistance. This board is stackable on PHPoC IoT Board (PHPoC Black and PHPoC Blue). It can be used for prototyping and also as a production component.

PES-2202 PHPoC RS422/RS485 Expansion Board Specifications:

  • 1x6 5mm pitch terminal block interface
  • 2.54mm pitch 1x6 Hole for RS422/485
  • UART jumper (either UART0 or UART1)
  • Current consumption: approximately 10 mA

Two different types of terminal blocks are available on the PES-2202 Expansion Board, based on the direction of the terminal screws. S-type terminal blocks can be screwed from the side, convenient when the boards are stacked. T-type is screwed from the top of the board. The wire termination blocks are on the side of the board in both models.   

Package Includes:

1x PES-2202 PHPoC RS422/RS485 Expansion Board (S or T type connector specified with order)  

Delivery is stock to 2 weeks, if the item is out of stock, please contact us for availability. 


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PES-2202 RS422/RS485 Expansion Board Video