PVD ZnSe CO2 Laser Focus Lens 20mm Diameter FL 38.1mm to 101.6mm

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Cloudray CO2 Laser Focus Lens 20mm (0.79 inches) Diameter, Focal Lengths (FL) 38.1mm (1.5 inches), 50.8mm (2 inches), 63.5mm (2.5 inches) and 101.6mm (4 inches). PVD ZnSe for CO2 Laser Machining, Engraving and Cutting.


  • High Quality ZnSe Material: China PVD ZnSe material. excellent optical properties. up to 100W CO2 laser resistance
  • Superb Coating Process: Double-sided solid coating. high wiping resistance, long working life
  • High Precision Manufacturing Process: excellent ZnSe substrate. precision slicing, polishing and grinding processes. High temperature and laser power resistance.
  • High Transmittance: High-quality material and coating reduces the loss of the laser, laser transmittance up To 99.0% provides higher laser efficiency
  • Diameter: 20mm (0.79 inch)
  • Focal Lengths: 38.1mm (1.5 inches), 50.8mm (2 inches) 63.5mm (2.5 inches) and 101.6mm (4 inches)
  • Thickness: 2.2mm (0.09 inch)

Package Includes:

20mm Diameter PVD ZnSe Focus Lens, the focal length is selected at checkout