Thermal Paste Grease Heatsink Compound for Computer CPU, GPU, ICs and TECs Soft Packs

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This heatsink thermal compound is a white paste silicone product that is heavily filled with metal oxides. Suitable for PC CPU and GPU heatsinks, TECs (Peltier coolers), XBOX 360, and other heatsinks.

Each 0.6 gram packet is suitable for one application. Apply it to the heatsink and throw the packet away, no messy tubes or syringes to dry out or clean up.


  • Paste Color: White
  • Net Weight: 0.6g/packet
  • Operating Temperature: -50 to +200°C
  • Thermal Conductivity: >1.22W/m.k
  • Thermal Resistance: <0.201°c-in2/w

Package Includes:

3 or 10 Packets Silicone Thermal Paste Compound, Quantity Selected with Order