Window/Door Pass Through Flat RF Coaxial Cable SO239 UHF Female to UHF Female 12 Inch 50 Ohm

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Envistia's window and door Feed-Thru Jumpers are flexible, 50 Ohm, flat feedline assemblies with SO-239 UHF female connectors at each end. They are used for routing RF through a window or door frame without drilling holes for the coax cable or connectors, perfect for Amateur Radio (Ham), CB, GMRS, and Commercial Radio, as well as other RF applications such as GSM, GPS, and wireless communications systems. 

These window-gap jumpers are 12 inches long and are made from sleeved 1.13mm RF Coaxial Cable with nickel-plated brass (copper-alloy) SO-239 female UHF connectors with a nominal loss of only 0.5 dB up to 500 MHz, and are useable up to 1300 MHz.

When drilling through the wall is not an option, or if there is no way to make a hole for your coaxial cable, then this feed-thru jumper may be the problem solver that you need.

Window/Door Pass-Through Specifications

  • Frequency Range: DC-1300 MHz
  • Connectors: SO-239 UHF Female
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Length: 12 inches (30cm)
  • Max Power:
    • HF 100W PEP
    • VHF: 60W FM
    • UHF: 40W FM
    • 900 MHz–1.3 GHz: 10W FM
  • SWR: Less than 1.3:1 below 500 MHz, Less than 1.5:1 above 500 MHz
  • Insertion Loss (Attenuation):
    • HF <0.3dB
    • VHF: <0.5db
    • UHF: <0.6dB
    • 900 MHz–1.3 GHz: <1.2dB

NOTE: These pass-through cables are designed for 50-Ohm RF applications and are not designed for Cable, Dish or Antenna television signals. 

Package Includes:

1x (1 Piece) Window/Door Pass Through 12-Inch SO239 UHF Female to UHF Female