Power Supplies & Voltage Controllers – Linear Regulators

Envistia Mall offers a wide variety of DC power supplies, boost (step-up), buck (step-down), and boost-buck DC-DC converters, waterproof DC-DC converters with USB-C and Micro-USB outputs, constant voltage & constant current power modules, USB-powered converters, battery charging modules, linear voltage regulators & controllers. 

The main product families we offer include: 

Buck / Step-Down Converters

Buck, or step-down converters, are switched-mode DC-to-DC power converters that step down voltage (while stepping up current) from its input (supply) to its output (load). 

Boost / Step-Up Converters

Boost, or step-up converters, are switched-mode DC-to-DC power converters that step up voltage (while stepping down current) from its input (supply) to its output (load). 

Switching converters (such as buck and boost converters) provide much greater power efficiency as DC-to-DC converters than linear regulators, which are simpler circuits that lower voltages by dissipating power as heat but do not step up output current.

Linear Voltage Regulators

Linear regulators maintain a constant voltage output. It acts like a variable resistor, continuously adjusting a voltage divider network to maintain a constant output voltage and continually dissipating the difference between the input and the output as waste heat. 

A linear regulator steps down a higher voltage on the input to a lower voltage on the output. This is similar to a buck converter, except a buck converter will waste much less power. So if the input voltage is much higher than the desired output voltage a buck regulator is usually preferable to a linear regulator.

As a general rule, linear regulators are ideal for applications that require low noise and a very stable output voltage, whereas switching power supplies are better suited for portable and battery-powered devices where battery life and efficiency are important.

Constant Voltage and Constant Current Power Supplies

Most of our Boost and Buck converters are constant voltage (CV) power supplies, meaning the output voltage is regulated, and its output current (Amps) is determined by the load characteristics (usually its resistance). Ohm's law can be used to determine the current required for a given output voltage and load impedance. 

Some of our converters are Constant Voltage and Constant Current power supplies, meaning the maximum output current can be set in addition to the output voltage. In the case of Contact Current control, the output voltage is varied to maintain a set current across the load. Constant Current power supplies are often used for driving LEDs, laser diodes, and battery chargers, where excess current can damage the load.