CIE-H12A ezTCP 2-Port Input / 1-Port Output Remote I/O Controller

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The CIE-H12A from Sollae Systems is a remote I/O gateway equipped with 1 digital input port, 2 digital output ports and an Ethernet interface. Each digital input port is linked to a photocoupler. The input port can monitor the ON/OFF state of equipment (maximum is 24VDC). Each digital output port is linked to a relay. Apart from ON/OFF control, the digital output port can also be controlled to generate a pulse.

The CIE-H12A supports the Modbus TCP protocol. You can control/monitor equipment/sensors located in remote places from a PC, mobile app, HMI, or other Modbus TCP devices. You can use Sollae Systems' free software/app called ModMap or any software/app that supports Modbus TCP.

The CIE-H12A is also equipped with an embedded web server with a preloaded web page, so you can use any web browser on a PC/smartphone to access the web page to control/monitor equipment/sensors. The web page is customizable so you can easily change the web UI if needed.

The CIE-H12A allows each digital output port to be automatically controlled by a logic formula of digital input and output ports. Specifically, it can connect directly to multiple CIE-H10A, CIE-H14A, and/or other CIE-H12A controllers to form an I/O system called Internet Switch. The system allows the output port of a device to be controlled by input ports of other devices, and vice versa, via the Internet. CIE-H12A allows up to eight TCP connections simultaneously, enabling to monitor sensors from different HMI devices/software/apps at the same time.


  • Affordable for small sites
  • 2x input ports (dry/wet contacts)
  • Monitor & control via Modbus/TCP or Web
  • Controlled by simple logic formula operating autonomously
  • Web-based control over a custom web page
  • Can be used as an Internet switch
  • Free Modbus/TCP program (ModMap)

Package includes:

1X CIE-H12A ezTCP 1-Port Remote I/O Controller

Delivery is stock to 2 weeks ARO

Optional Accessories:

2X MOUNTER DIN Rail Mount and BRACKET for attaching MOUNTER

5V 5W AC-DC Wall Mount Power Adapter

Documentation and Resources

CIE-H12A / 2-Port Input / 1-Port Output Remote I/O Controller product web page: