Digital LCD Aquarium / Terrarium Thermometer Temperature Sensor with Submersible Probe

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Get accurate temperature readings with this Digital Thermometer which has a simple appearance, unobtrusive design and an easy-to-read LCD display.

Temperature is measured with an external waterproof probe, ideal for terrariums, aquariums, or reptile incubators. The 39" long temperature probe can be placed throughout the aquarium or terrarium for pinpoint accuracy.

With a broad temperature range of -50 °C to +70 °C (-58 °F to +158 °F), you can also use this digital thermometer where you need an accurate reading and an easy-to-read LCD display, including refrigerators, chillers and freezers.

Place probe into terrarium to measure temperature (if probe is placed in water, submerge probe only, do not submerge thermometer in water), and place display unit on the outside of the terrarium. The probe can be attached to the side of the tank using the included suction cup, placed in the substrate, or wrapped around furniture or branches. Please be sure that your animal cannot chew on or entangle itself in the cable. Display can be attached to the outside of the terrarium using the included suction cup.


  • LCD display with remote submersible temperature probe
  • Display and probe are attached with included suction cup mounts
  • Switch between °C and °F 
  • Press 'PWR' for 3 seconds to power off 
  • Temperature Range: -50 °C to +70°C (-58 °F to +158 °F)
  • Powered by one LR44 button cell battery (included) 
  • Remote temperature probe cable length: Approx. 3 feet (1 meter) 
  • Dimension: 2.3" (L) x 1.5" (W)
  • Color: Black


  1. Open the battery cover and insert battery with (+) positive side up. The LCD will now display the current room temperature. 
  2. Using the suction cups provided, attach the display unit to the outside of the terrarium.
  3. Attach the probe inside of the terrarium, near the floor of the terrarium for most accurate reading. Do not submerge the display unit. Only the probe is water resistant. 
  4. Press the PWR button to turn on; press and hold for for three seconds to power off.
  5. If the LCD displays H°C, temperature reading is higher than 70°C. If L°C temperature reading is lower than -50°C. 

Package includes:

  • 1X Digital Thermometer with remote probe and 2 suction cup mounts
  • 1X LR44 Button Cell Battery

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