PHPoC Programmable Internet of Things (IoT) Development Boards

Envistia Mall is the authorized U.S. distributor for Sollae Systems PHPoC IOT development boards, modules, Arduino shields and expansion modules. 

PHPoC (PHP on Chip) development boards and modules let you develop your application on embedded devices as easily as on your computer. With supported libraries, you can develop an IoT device, or a complex IoT system, with some simple lines of code without worrying about designing hardware.

PHPoC can create a variety of web pages to suit your environment and perform other network functions such as sending email or accessing the database. Unlike PHP, however, PHPoC has some additional features that an embedded system needs in order to interact with hardware. It provides a variety of hardware interfaces and functions to monitor sensor status and control machines or devices.

For more information, see our blog post Introducing PHPoC Programmable IoT Development Boards for Dynamic Web Control.