PES-2604 DC Motor Controller for PHPoC Arduino Shield 2

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The PES-2604 DC Motor Controller is a Smart Expansion Board for PHPoC P4S-347 or P4S-348 V2 Arduino Shields which is designed to control Brushed DC motors.

After stacking on a PHPoC P4S-347 or P4S-348 V2 Shield with an Arduino Uno or Mega, this board can be controlled by Arduino using the PHPoC library.

Each DC Motor Controller contains the necessary hardware and firmware to control up to 2 DC motors. A single Arduino Uno/Mega can carry multiple DC Motor Controllers.

Two different types of terminal blocks are available, based on the direction of the terminal screws. S-type can be screwed from the side, convenient when the multiple boards are stacked. T-type is screwed from the top of the board. The wire termination blocks are on the side of the board in both models.

PHPoC Smart Expansion Boards for ArduinoSmart Expansion boards for PHPoC P4S-347 or P4S-348 V2 Shields provide the additional hardware and firmware to boost Arduino Uno and Mega microcontrollers with advanced capabilities (e.g. control high-voltage devices, control/monitor motors with high accuracy).

These boards communicate with the Arduino Uno/Mega via a defined set of commands and need to be stacked above a PHPoC [WiFi] Shield 2 (P4S-347 V2 or P4S-348 V2), firmware version of 1.4.0 or above, in order to interface with Arduino.


  • Supports 2 brushed DC motors
  • 2 incremental encoders
  • Input voltage: DC 4V ~ DC 18V
  • Maximum Current: 1A each coil
  • Electrically Isolated Circuit
  • Fast/slow decay mode
  • Noise Cancellation by Hardware and Software for Encoders
  • 1x6 5mm Pitch Terminal Block: S type, T type
  • DIP Switch to Set Address (ID)

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